Less Bone damage

Unscrewing remove failed fixture makes less bone damage after extraction. This means same diameter implant can be replaced immediately without waiting for bone generation

Up to 300Ncm

Even if fixture is osseointegrated, failed fixture can be removed with fixture remover by 300Ncm. When over than 300Ncm, decrease pressure by griding a litte bit the bone around implant using round bur or other tools

Original since 2009

FR Kit was launched in 2009 and sold out more than 2,000 Kits in 70 coutries for 7years.

And this new concept provides Dentist with easy way to replace for problematic implant.

Less bone damage and Trauma

Using Trephine or Round bur for removing problematic fixture makes big bone damage. In order to replace this, it is need to wait more than 3month for regeneration of bone. But Unscrew concept naver distroies bone structure and is not required to use implant motor. So it gives less trauma to the patient.

Special Torque Ratchet

Torque ratchet in FR Kit has two direction for proceeding fixture removal. Special torque reatch measures and withstand up to 500Ncm, so ever if fixture is already osseointegrated with bone, it can be removed with FR Kit.

(But We don’t recommend to exceed over than 300Ncm – Fixture broken or Jaw damage can be happen.)

1) Demostration with Model

2) How to Separte Removed Fixture

3) Torque Test

* FRS16 (Maximum 330Ncm)

*FRS20 (Maximum 420Ncm)

4) Animation

5) Compatability List