Prevention for Peri implantitis

Gingi brush

Prevent for Peri implantitis

The way to manage implant treated patient regularly


The inflamation around implant comes from

contaminating of abutment inside gingiva,

But there is no suitable way to clean abutment

inside gingiva. Ginig brush treatment provides

deep cleaning inside gingiva.

Recall your patient

When implant treated patient revisit the clinic, there is no proper way to manage them. So patients don’t visit the clinic again after implantation. If docrecall the patient with Gingi brush treatment and check patient condition and That means h speed RPM(2000~5000RPM) with

Contra Angle, It takes just 1~2minutes

to clean Contaminated implant surface

Titanium Material

Biocompatibility and No side effect

by using biocompatible material


Gun 1ea, 2 cover cap(Auto clavable), 1ea Charger, 10 diposible tip (Possible to purchase separately)

How to Use

Open the package, and first mount plastic cap on implant for protecting implant damage during cleaning,

and Connect Round brush with hand piece and rotate by 2000RPM with irrigation.

Clinical Case

Treating an advanced periimplantitis with the R Brush

20150217 R brush case from Kei Lim