• Debridement

• Air-powder abrasive unit

• Gauze soaked in saline + citric acid

• gauze soaked in Chlorhexidine

• Laser with H2O2


• Remove

But there is no way to clean perfectly the infected surface physically

This means the impurities still exist on surface after the treatment

Easy way to Clean

the infected implant surface

by periimplantitis or other reasons

Perfect cleaning

Without rough surface damage

Keep the rough surface

Better for reosseointegration

Cleaning implant surface with round bur

makes thread damage or crushes the fixture,

It’s not good for the reossointegration of implant

i brush cleans impurities on surface,

not remove implant rough surface,

Keeping rough surface is very important point

for the reossointegration of implant

Non Surgical Treatment

(Case of vertical bone loss less than 2mm)

Surgical Treatment

(Vertical bone loss more than 2mm)


1. local anesthesia

2. Detach the gingival sealing around the implant by using Explorer or Curett.

3. Insert the I-Brush into the gingival with 1,000rpm with irrigation

4. Cleanse the gingival with saline

1. local anesthesia

2. If possible, remove the prosthesis then proceed with incision and flap opening

3. Brush with 1,000~2000RPM with irrigation(utilize the saline)

4. Finalize with GBR or Suture12