Prosthetic Planning Kit

Selection of suitable size of abutment

Only five days for an implant!

Surgical Guide is a best way of planning implant surgery to check patient’s oral structures accurately

by 3D software based on CT(Computed Tomography) data.

Full Digital Workflow

As Neoguide is composed of Full Digital Workflow, it provides fast fabrication of Surgical Guide, and guided Implant surgery which is accurate, safe, and optimal.

Open System

Neoguide is an Open system and also training of Surgical guide fabrication, and instructions will be provided. Experience NeoGuide at your clinic, or dental lab now.

Neo Guide Kit Components

Neo Guide Kit Drilling Sequence

* Must Know prior to use NeoGuide Kit

1. Surgical drills larger than Ø2.9mm have a rounded point, therefore it allows to drill safely without stopper.

2. Concept of Drilling Depth

IS II active implant drilling sequence                                                        * D4 Bone : Tap drill option

Neo Guide Clinical Case

* Single Case