Advanced way to Clean contaminated Implant

R brush

Make New Surface

R brush removes implant rough surface and

makes new surface for soft tissue attachment

Simple, Speedy

High speed RPM(2000~5000RPM) with

Contra Angle, It takes just 1~2minutes

to clean Contaminated implant surface

Titanium Material

Biocompatibility and No side effect

by using biocompatible material


Selection guide : less implant Ø4.5 Regular / Over implant Ø5.0 Wide

Round brush 1ea, Plastic Cap 1ea

How to Use

Open the package, and first mount plastic cap on implant for protecting implant damage during cleaning,

and Connect Round brush with hand piece and rotate by 2000RPM with irrigation.

Clinical Case

Treating an advanced periimplantitis with the R Brush

Watch other case

20150217 R brush case from Kei Lim