Minimally Invasive Lateral Approach

Safe, Simple, Speedy since 2008

Special Reamers

Reamer has special structure,  Even if reamer

touches membrane directly, it’s safe. And during

drillingit makes thin bone layer,  it makes safer.

Minimally Invasive Lateral Approach

Small Incision, Less pain, Less swelling

Original since 2008

SLA Kit was launched in 2008 and sold out more than 10,000 Kits in 70 coutries for 8years.

Clinical experiences from 10,000 dentists are more than 100,000 cases for 8 years. 

Published Article 

4 articles in famous Journal Several University proved the usefulness of SLA Kit.

(See article)


1. Select suitable diameter LS-Reamer

(Start with 2mm Length)

– 2000RPM recommended

2. If lateral wall is not open, Change longer reamer (3.5mm Length)


1. Make a pilot marking with the C-Guide

2. Make Lateral hole while preserving the existing bone core with C-Reamer

(2000RPM recommended)

3. Drill until circular bone disk is formed from the lateral wall with C-Guide / C-Reamer

Clinical Reference